method X drag cleans

drumroll please. introducing… method X drag cleans. we’re proud to announce we’re partnering with the @lgbtfoundation + the hottest drag talent in town on a year-long mission to challenge the toxic cleaning stereotypes + make the world a more fun, fabulous + inclusive place. watch this space. yaaaaas clean.


the 2019 limited edition

this is joy bottled. this is the 2019 limited edition collaboration with designer + artist Morag Myerscough. using her distinctive aesthetic Morag has magic-ed up some bright + bold miniature designs, bursting with fun + positivity. they bring a spark of joy to the everyday. discover the collection + the collaboration.



a mix + match
made in heaven

be your own mixologist*

sometimes mix + match can be a bit hit or miss.
polka dot + leopard print anyone?

luckily with our laundry detergent + new fabric softener there’s no wrong combination. everything goes with everything. wild lavender + ocean violet. irresistible. peony blush + pink freesia?
it’s a mix + match made in heaven, if you will.

* no training required

take me mixing


polish your pride + joy with our french lavender multi-surface cleaner. it’s a tour de force around the home, while still being planet, people + pet friendly with its plant-based, biodegradable ingredients + 100% recycled plastic (PCR) bottle. much like suave Pierre here in his smoking jacket.



Fire Fighter Fran is a big fan. of our waterfall hand wash that is. who can blame her? after a day of fighting fires + rescuing kittens she reclaims the glam with a plant-based hand wash packed with biodegradable ingredients. who says green can’t be hot. not us.



there goes Gloria…putting the sass into sustainable. just like her fave laundry detergent – peony blush. keeping colours colourful with it’s plant-based, biodegradable ingredients + 100% recycled plastic (PCR) bottle. be it last night’s magnums or laundry bottles, rock your recycling like Gloria.



Max believes that our pink grapefruit multi-surface cleaner is yin + yang in a bottle. Powergreen ® cleaning, with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients, that packs a punch (not literally, obvs) while looking good on the side of your sink. ohmmmmm…



fashionista. activista. that’s Penelope’s mantra. there’s no compromise with our wild lavender laundry detergent. plant-based, biodegradable ingredients + 100% recycled plastic (PCR) bottle.

say yes to sustainable in style. heels optional.


biodegradable plant-based ingredients
tough on dirt + stains
100% recycled plastic bottles (PCR)
tested by people, never on animals

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