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slip into our oh-so-silky suds and let the good vibes roll. craving some calm? need to jump start your day? we got your back. and arms. and legs. and…you get the picture. made with plant-based cleansers + other thoughtfully chosen ingredients, our cruelty-free formula is tested by humans. after all, who ever heard of a guinea pig taking a shower?

pure peace
peony, rose water pink sea salt

craving a bit of calm? some days meditation isn’t enough. infused with peony, rose water + pink sea salt, this purifying body wash soothes your soul and leaves your skin smelling like a no-stress zone.

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daily zen
cucumber, seaweed, green tea

need a breather? welcome to the spa. infused with cucumber, seaweed + green tea,
this deep cleansing body wash leaves your skin smelling like rejuvenation and your mind
feeling like a zen master

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simply nourish
coconut, rice milk, shea butter

need some nurturing? indulge with our oh-so-silky suds. infused with coconut, rice milk + shea butter, this nourishing body wash leaves your skin smelling like sweet comfort.


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choose from 3 sublime scents made to match the mood you need right now. find your fragrance from pure peace, daily zen or simply nourish. pour out, lather up and emerge with the glow of good vibes. this is body wash on the bright side











be the scent you want to smell in the world be the first to smell that new smell. pump that new pump. spritz that new spray. together we can create future-friendly new products.

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