beyond the bottle

what we do

from responsible ingredient sourcing + cutting-edge green chemistry to recycled + recyclable packaging – it’s all good.

how we do it

we’ve designed the first LEED-platinum certified plant in our industry + have a biodiesel shipping program because we see business as a powerful agent of change.

who we are

we are people against dirty®. together, we’re committed to making the planet – and our homes – a cleaner place.

business for good

in business to change business

method believes in using the power of our business to create positive social and environmental change.

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our US soap factory

a look at what's coming

designed to be the industry’s first LEED-platinum certified plant, our factory sets new standards for making soap.

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we have nothing to hide

that’s why we disclose the ingredients in our products and the processes we use to make them.

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design with the planet in mind

every bottle we design goes through a rigorous process to ensure that it’s as green as possible.

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green glossary

what does that mean?

from biodegradable to sustainability, here’s how we define some commonly used terms.

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