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with a little creativity and a heap of conviction, we can do big things. preferably while wearing a rainbow and smelling like sunshine. at method, we believe the good fight can be good fun.


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mini, mighty

our pocket rocket takes on a whole bunch of surfaces. 10x concentrated formula can be diluted to make a spray, a bucket or used neat. choose from 4 fabulous fragrances and kiss goodbye to your old cleaning routine.


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not germs

our famous anti-bac cleaning fragrances are now available in anti-bac hand wash. made with plant-based + other thoughtful ingredients that kill 99.9% of bacteria. they smell like sunshine, not overpowering chemicals.

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want to smell in the world be the first to smell that new smell. pump that new pump. spritz that new spray. together we can create future-friendly new products.

plant-based biodegradable ingredients
tough on dirt + stains
100% recycled plastic bottles (PCR per ISO 14021)
cruelty-free. leaping bunny approved

we believe in soap for all

we’re proud to announce we’re working with The Hygiene Bank – as their first official gold tier partner – joining them in their mission to end hygiene poverty. it’s something we all take for granted – soap by the sink + cleaner on the counter. but those living on low income are caught between paying bills, buying food and keeping clean. we don’t think that’s right.

let's end hygiene poverty


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