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no need to get in a strop over the mop. or squabble over sticky surfaces.
with 39% of cohabiting couples saying most of their arguments are about household chores, we’re here to restore harmony to your home.

introducing the UK’s first clean up pre-nup

joining our fight for a fairer division of domestic duties, and officiating over the clean-up pre-nup, is barrister + broadcaster, Rob Rinder. the legal luvie, is helping us open up the conversation about the division of labour in the home and put an end to the chore wars. couples or house shares, can download and sign the agreement for change, setting out the tasks + responsibilities they commit to carry out.

don’t let the cleaning come between you. download our official clean-up pre-nup and put an end to dust ups over dirt.

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challenging stereotypes + changing minds

we’re delighted that the Fawcett Society is joining us on our mission to close the ‘gender spray gap’ and promote equality at home.

the Fawcett Society challenges toxic gender stereotypes and campaigns to help shape the debate + drive change for a stronger, happier + better future for us all. read more about their fantastic work below.

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clean up pre-nup faq

the gender spray gap refers to domestic disparity; specifically how household tasks are often disproportionately split between cohabiting couples. Whilst it is not the case for all couples, our research shows that gender stereotypes are far from a thing of the past, as 54% of women are still doing the significant lion’s share of the housework.


demonstrating this gender spray gap further, 45% of women who cohabit with a male partner say household tasks are ‘disproportionately split’, compared to just 34% of men.

we have partnered with leading law firm, Lawrence Stephens, to create the UK’s first ‘clean-up pre-nup’, an agreement for change to agree the division of household tasks.


the ‘clean-up pre-nup’, is not only relevant to cohabiting romantic couples, but also for flat shares, families and friends. it can be customised and downloaded for free here

we’re on a mission to challenge gender stereotypes in cleaning and make the world a more fun, fabulous and inclusive place. it’s shocking that in 2022 we’re still seeing such disparities in the way cleaning and housework are shared. our ‘clean-up pre-nup’ hopes to challenge these traditional gender stereotypes whilst also alleviating ‘chore wars’ so households – no matter their make-up – can live together in domestic bliss and find the joy in keeping their home looking and smelling amazing.

just like a traditional pre-nup, the clean-up pre-nup is not automatically legally binding, but is a formal agreement set out by leading law firm, Lawrence Stephens.


Lawrence Stephens helped us to confirm how a cleaning agreement of this kind has never been formally created before, meaning once you’ve signed and laid out your individual terms, you can safely say you’re taking the first ever clean-up pre-nup agreement – cool, hey?

The Fawcett Society is the UKs leading membership charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights at work, at home and in public life. their vision is a society in which women and girls in all their diversity are equal and truly free to fulfil their potential creating a stronger, happier, better future for us all.

the Fawcett Society is supporting method to help close the Gender Spray Gap and promote equality at home. more information about the Fawcett Society can be found here.

Rob Rinder is a well known practising barrister.  with his area of expertise, he is the perfect person to encourage cohabiting couples (or anyone who flat shares) to sign a clean-up pre-nup agreement and officiate it.

through our products, our mission is always to turn the mundane into the marvellous and meaningful and turn chores into joy (while ensuring minimal harm to the planet and making the world a more positive and inclusive place!). however, the cleaning industry as a whole has long-been a contributor to tired stereotypes.  we wanted to challenge these outdated stereotypes and hope the clean-up pre-nup helps address the issue.

this coincides with the launch of method’s new multi-surface concentrated cleaner – a mini, mighty multi-tasker available in four scent-sational new fragrances that will put the va-va voom back into your cleaning regime –  lively mango + citrus, refreshing lotus flower + sage, joyful bling cherry + bergamot and dreamy jasmine + cypress wood.