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the renaissance awards

if you like bright futures and brilliant solutions, you’re
going to love The Renaissance Awards. we’re supporting
Eco-Age and honouring young leaders around the globe
creating solutions for a world that is socially just,
economically inclusive, environmentally restorative and
technologically balanced.

the awards were captured in a stunning movie format produced by award-winning Pulse Films Italia and directed by Grammy-nominated Giorgio Testi, featuring A-list talent including legendary musician, co-founder and Chairman of We Are Family Foundation Nile Rodgers, Oscar winner Colin Firth and model and activist Gisele Bündchen.

take a moment, and watch The Renaissance Awards



meet the changemakers

the recipients of The Renaissance Awards who have been chosen among young leaders all over the world who are taking action and creating solutions for the future we need.

they represent the society making this future a reality.


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