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our US soap factory

designed to be the industry’s first LEED-platinum certified plant, our factory sets new standards for making soap.

wind turbine

no, that’s not a giant fan outside our soap factory.

in fact, this 230-foot wind turbine works the opposite of a fan instead of using electricity to make wind, it uses wind to make electricity. our wind turbine is expected to generate half of the building’s annual electrical consumption.

green roof

we even saved a place for some lettuce.

urban agriculture company Gotham Greens is taking over 75,000 square feet of our roof to create a commercial scale greenhouse. the greenhouse is gearing up to produce 500 tons of fresh, premium quality, pesticide-free produce annually for the local community and surrounding retail and restaurant market.

plus, a 1,520 square foot rooftop canopy (that means green plants growing on the actual roof, not in the greenhouse) will help us decrease energy use, improve urban air quality and reduce stormwater runoff, resulting in less stress on public sewer systems.

solar tracking trees

and we don’t mean the kind with leaves.

three 35 x 35-foot solar tracking trees will be permanently parked in our plant’s parking lot. unlike traditional solar panels which only reach maximum wattage when the sun is directly overhead, our solar tracking trees will keep themselves pointed towards the sun from sunrise to sunset in order to maximize energy generation.

one-stop shop

everything we need to make soap, all under one roof.

our soap factory will include manufacturing and bottling operations and will serve as a distribution center for both method and Ecover. having everything in one building allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. and by calling the Midwest home, we are positioned to source ingredients and distribute products efficiently across North America.

pullman historic district

we’re happy to call Chicago home.

we chose the Pullman Park district in the south side of Chicago for our factory site because of its rich history. not only was Pullman one of America’s first model industrial towns, but it’s currently under consideration by congress to be the first ever urban national park. by calling the Pullman historic district home, we have an opportunity to contribute to its bright future.