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washing up liquid

sometimes you just need a rainstorm to clear the air. and sometimes that pile of dishes just needs doing. getting sudsy can now be your mindful moment of the day. with this naturally-derived, biodegradable formula, cracking through a stack of greasy pots + pans will leave you a squeaky clean view worth taking a minute to appreciate.

sometimes you just need a rainstorm to clear the air. the clouds disappear and everything is glistening + new after the downpour. close your eyes and breathe in the watery, woody aromas. notice that fresh citrus tang? that’s the scent of a mindful moment.

aqua, sodium lauryl sulfate, coco-glucoside, alcohol denat., cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium citrate, parfum, citric acid, linalool, geraniol, methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone, sodium chloride

EU Ingredients Database

world-class dancer turned artist, zdenek konvalina understands + appreciates movement. his mesmerising work, using layer upon layer of paint, aims to capture a precise moment of transition. why? because then we can all appreciate the present + live in this moment. right now.


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