ho ho ho: 30% off christmas bundles

We love working with people who make us smile. our new collection with designer + artist Morag Myerscough has got us skipping on cloud nine. Morag shares our passion for making the world a better place with colour + design. the uplifting effects of her bold + beautiful designs are matched only by the lip-smacking, lively scent of juicy watermelon. so grab yourself a bottle of glorious method and fill your heart + your home with the joy of colour.  

the collaboration

There’s no grey area. we LOVE colour and believe everything is better in the world when it’s turned up to the max. minimalism + cool tones are out, bright colours + graphic patterns are the talk of the town. interiors are all about uplifting colour combinations and the feeling of joy when you walk in a room. so mix n match to the max. more is more.