multi-surface cleaner

all-purpose, all-tropical clean up.

new tropical magnolia brings the jungle vibes to your home. no monkey business. grease + grime don’t stand a chance with plant-based cleaning power in your grasp. made with biodegradable ingredients and cleaners made from corn + coconut. each glorious squirt of our fragrant formula packs a real punch to break down dirt. leaving nothing behind but a fresh scent + gleaming clean.

tropical magnolia

we found our inspiration deep in the jungle. tropical green notes mixed with sweet floral magnolia whisk you away to exotic lands, but without the humidity + frizzy hair.

caprylyl/capryl glucoside
tetrasodium glutamate diacetate
benzyl alcohol
potassium hydroxide

to use: spray. wipe. admire.
suitable for most non-porous surfaces.

psst: it’s always a good idea to test in an inconspicuous place first.

our products contain plant-based ingredients that should not cause adverse health reactions in normal or foreseeable use and we use third-party independent assessors and certifications to validate this. however, our formulas do contain some allergens and these are named on the label, in line with the requirements of EU legislation.

what's that smell?