we believe in authenticity and in empowering our advocates to make fully informed decisions about the products they choose. so we disclose the ingredients in our products, the processes we use to make them and the practices and values of method as a company.

material assessment

every ingredient used in a method product is comprehensively evaluated by an independent environmental research institute, MBDC. as a result of this rigorous material research process, we can be completely certain of the health and environmental safety of all method products.


all of our core products are Cradle to Cradle certified, and more than 75% meet gold level certification. this means a team of scientists at C2C Institute have rigorously assessed all ingredients, packaging materials and design, processes, making sure that we’ve designed for maximum material reutilization.


we’'re not all about appearances. what’s inside counts, too. find out what goes in our method bottles.


we follow the precautionary principle: if there’'s a chance an ingredient isn'’t safe, we don'’t use it. period.

dirty ingredients list

we don'’t do dirty. here'’s a list of some ingredients we don’t ever use (and why).


we take pride in developing delightful fragrances that are easy on your nose.


we believe vibrant colours make cleaning more fun, so we use colourants that are safe for people + the planet.


effective, safe + biodegradable. our preservatives are necessary for a clean you can count on.

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