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our famous anti-bac cleaning fragrances are now available in anti-bac hand wash. made with plant-based + other thoughtful ingredients that kill 99.9% of bacteria. they smell like sunshine, not overpowering chemicals.
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pump. wash. dance. delight.

for a supreme clean, pump three times, lather for 60 seconds, rinse, dry. high five the next person you see.

wild rhubarb 

the cult fragrance that started it all. this is rhubarb in its birthday suit. fresh + tart just like the day it was plucked from the ground. hold the custard. 

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orange yuzu 

split personality or perfect balance? one minute it’s tart. the next it’s sweet. it’s a bit contrary like that. but go ahead, enjoy juicy orange with zestful lime and the perky pop of yuzu. 

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peach blossom 

put an extra spring in your cleaning step with this fruity, floral cutie that’s all springtime + bouncy blossom. 

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