we like our colours colourful and our pencils pointy. so we’ve teamed up with the ‘queen of colouring’ to celebrate colours #themethodway. she’s drawn three delightful designs for our next limited edition launch in January. we asked. you clicked. and your favourite drawing is hummingbirds. we can’t wait to see it blooming all over the shelves.


Johanna graduated in 2005 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee with a degree in Printed Textiles. Every piece she creates starts life as a simple pencil sketch, evolving into an elaborate pen and ink drawing usually spanning several sheets of paper.

Johanna loves the tactile nature of the materials she uses, and her delicate hand inked designs are intended to charm and delight. They invite viewers to peer closer and discover the hidden intricacies. Her hand drawing captures a sense of energy and character which no pixel can ever replicate, as well as generating bespoke and highly-original work.


Designed to celebrate the perfect pairing of Johanna’s delicate hand inked designs with method’s unique blend of style and substance, so you can make your home a little more beautiful.


This is hummingbirds, one of the beautiful designs which Johanna has drawn for us + you voted for. Look out for it when our next limited edition range launches in January.


Stay tuned for our next limited edition launch in January.
All 3 designs will be available for you to download + colour again.