fabric softener

you big softie, you

our fabric softener leaves your socks so soft + fragrant you’ll be reaching down to stroke your toes. naturally derived softening agents gently hug your fabrics to reduce static + clinginess. never a good look. every 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle contains 45 washes of tlc. slip into something more cuddlable.

p.s. become your own mixologist by mixing + matching our laundry detergents + fabric softeners. there’s no wrong combo when it comes to these vivid fragrances.

ocean violet

life on the ocean waves with flowers in your hair. invigorating marine notes sail among the sweet floral fragrance of jasmine, cyclamen + violet. no complicated knots or actual boating required.

aqua, rapeseed-based esterquat, propylene glycol, parfum, lactic acid, dimethicone, limonene, eugenol, colorant

EU Ingredients Database

to wash: pour into softener dispenser of machine drawer. leave to work its magic. return to soft, scented laundry (sorry we can’t do the ironing).

always check the care label. not suitable for certain fabrics such as silk or breathable sports fabrics.

our products contain plant-based ingredients that should not cause adverse health reactions in normal or foreseeable use and we use third-party independent assessors and certifications to validate this. however, our formulas do contain some allergens and these are named on the label, in line with the requirements of EU legislation.