gel hand wash Adelaide

gel hand wash

the art collection

you’ve heard the saying, all hands on deck. well, adelaide damoah takes her art one step further. she uses her entire body to create a fearless energetic style. now, we’re not saying you have to cover yourself in paint. we’ll just take the hands for now. made with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients our vegan-friendly formula leaves you fresh, fragrant + ready to take on the world.

ginger twist

it’s no looker, ginger. but you gotta love that clean, bright zing it brings to the party. add a little twist of citrus to the sweet nectar of mango + passion fruit, and the result? a joyful celebration for the senses.

aqua, sodium lauryl sulfate, coco-glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium benzoate, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, citric acid, sodium chloride, parfum, glycerin, linalool, citral, geraniol, sodium citrate, tocopheryl acetate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice

EU Ingredients Database

to use: pump. wash. delight. dance.

our products contain plant-based ingredients that should not cause adverse health reactions in normal or foreseeable use and we use third-party independent assessors and certifications to validate this. however, our formulas do contain some allergens and these are named on the label, in line with the requirements of EU legislation.