multi-surface cleaner

limited edition fragrance – get it while you can

summer might be done + dusted but nobody panic. we’ve got just the thing to brighten up the cold months. we think people don’t pay enough attention to pomegranates. after all, they are rather quiet. that’s why we decided to devote an entire limited edition collection to this bright, ripe fruit. available in gel hand wash, washing-up liquid, multi-surface cleaner.


what's that smell?


a juicy riddle wrapped in a ripe red enigma, the pomegranate is one exotic fruit we’d like to get to know better. one thing we do know is that as soon as we sniffed its fresh, clean, zing, we fell for it.

capryly/capryl glucoside
sodium gluconate
sodium carbonate
benzyl benzoate
citric acid
potassium hydroxide
butylphenyl methylpropional
hexyl cinnamal
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